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 SHG- Contradiction and Unprofessionalism rolled into one

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PostSubject: SHG- Contradiction and Unprofessionalism rolled into one   Sun Mar 08, 2009 11:14 pm

As many of you know I help to run a 1x1 ladder, despite the fact that myself and my partner both work full time, have a house to run etc, yet we still manage to find time and run a succesful ladder.
Over the past few months, for reasons unknown a small minority of jealous people (mentioning no names) have tried to sabbotage our ladder, I say jealous because thats the only word i can find for these people. The Safe Harbor moderators have done little to stop such actions namely harborhelper (HH). If you have already read Lillie’s posts you will already know how unprofessional the moderator’s are, if you have not read them, would be a good time to read them now.
Yesterday, being 8th March, 2009 i was hosting a tournament, when all of a sudden i got these private messages from HH, this will be where you can see the contradictions and unprofessionalism.

[12] HarborHelper> hugs
[12] CrAzY> hi
[12] HarborHelper> have a ladder complaint from a player
[12] HarborHelper> email pls for them to send to you
[12] CrAzY> which one?
[12] HarborHelper> only involve me
[12] HarborHelper> if u cant solve
[12] HarborHelper> email pls?

Obviously i gave her my email address
12:36] HarborHelper> ok ty
[12] CrAzY> yw

Then she gave me hers.

[12] HarborHelper> i know u can fix tho
[12] HarborHelper> wont need me
[12] CrAzY> strange thing tho, lillie is head admin, have u spoken to her?
[12] CrAzY> i shall deal anyhow
[12] HarborHelper> no
[12] HarborHelper> we dont speak

Unprofessional huh? Talk about spitting your dummy out.

[12] CrAzY> okay
[12] HarborHelper> forward the email to her then
[12] HarborHelper> whatever u need
[12] HarborHelper> i just dont want involved
[12] CrAzY> no worries
[12] HarborHelper> with ladder complaint
[12] HarborHelper> unless any need
[12] HarborHelper>

The last message on this pm is a hug.. Geeze was only couple of weeks ago threatening to pull the ladder.. NOW wants to hug me? I guess you can also add a bit of two faced in there too!

Now this will be where you can see the contradictions and boy what a contraction it is.

I again gave my email address to ensure it was the right one she had given.

[13] HarborHelper> gave it as that
[13] HarborHelper> yes
[13] HarborHelper> prolly wont hon
[13] HarborHelper> welcome to my world
[13] HarborHelper> of them bitching and not emailing facts
[13] CrAzY> ohhh
[13] HarborHelper> they want SHG involved

WoW contradiction! Talk about emailing facts, we all know HH has selective reading and reads what she wants to read, being the case with space. Pfft!!!!!!

[13] HarborHelper> i said ladder self handles
[13] HarborHelper> if not then SHG can get involved
[13] HarborHelper> bla bla bla
[13] HarborHelper> thus u prolly wont see a thing
[13] HarborHelper> all talk
[13] CrAzY> ahhh ok.. would have been nice to know who, and why complain.. we're doing a good service
[13] HarborHelper> all we can do
[13] HarborHelper> is address what they email for facts
[13] HarborHelper> 90% do not
[13] HarborHelper> i was asked for ur email
[13] HarborHelper> i gave it
[13] HarborHelper> now up to ur ladder
[13] CrAzY> ok
[13] HarborHelper> im not in it
[13] HarborHelper>

Then HH gave me a teddy bear LoL, she has such a short memory
[13] CrAzY> cute, ty

As i hadn’t received any email of complaint, i was starting to have doubts.

[13] CrAzY> i'm a little bit dubious, cause someone has said to u that they have a complaint, you have asked for my email address, which i have given, i don't know who it is or even if they are on the ladder
[13] HarborHelper> nor do i
[13] CrAzY> and well could be bogus and i get a virus sent via email
[13] HarborHelper> why would u
[13] HarborHelper> all emails should be scanned
[13] CrAzY> well i dunno
[13] HarborHelper> prior to opening
[13] HarborHelper> u dont?????????
[13] HarborHelper> oh hon u must
[13] CrAzY> no lol i dont read them only from ones i know to expect

I still did not get to find out who it was who wanted to make a complaint, many faults in this short period of time, and this is just one occasion of many. Faults being.

1. Not asking me if the person who wanted to make a complaint, is actually on the ladder << unprofessional.
2. Not prepared to speak to head amin. << Childish and unprofessional.
3. Emailimg facts and bitching? << contradiction – facts are emailed SHG just don’t read them.
4. I again tried to find out who it was who complained without success. << unprofessional
5. Giving such information out as email address without checking full facts first. << unprofessional.

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PostSubject: Re: SHG- Contradiction and Unprofessionalism rolled into one   Mon Mar 09, 2009 3:36 am

merry christmas

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PostSubject: Re: SHG- Contradiction and Unprofessionalism rolled into one   Mon Mar 09, 2009 10:14 am

Hmmmmm Cwazy,

Thank you for posting this. I have to ask here....who the hell is pulling HH's strings? Either she is acting out of total incompetence and malice, or she is acting on behalf of the 'jealous' people you refer to.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to which of those it is? Any evidence to back up theories would be most welcome.

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PostSubject: Just an opinion   Tue Mar 10, 2009 4:53 am

I don't have any direct information about this site or about their rules. So, my opinion is based on only what I read (with - let's say - professional curiosity) from your posts. Oh, before that, I want to be very clear: I will not get involved in any way in your discussions about what is happening at SHG. The reasons are obvious and I know you all understand my position.
However, I think the main issue I see here is the personal involvement of persons that are supposed to be fair and to treat everybody equally, according to a set of rules needed for any kind of community. Instead of quoting rules, to support a decision, I see personal reasons (or adm member's feelings used as reason: the owner's for instance). And that can lead easily to errors and misjudgment.
But enough said, I will open a discussion soon, I already have the subject - Players and Moderators - just need time to put some order in my thoughts.
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PostSubject: Re: SHG- Contradiction and Unprofessionalism rolled into one   Tue Mar 10, 2009 9:00 am

I totally understand you position on this Nina. lies, deceit and favouritism never help in the moderation of a chat room. Thank you for the post : )

I look forward to the player/moderator post too.

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PostSubject: Re: SHG- Contradiction and Unprofessionalism rolled into one   Wed Mar 11, 2009 10:44 am

Thank you all for your replies, very much appreciated. Although i'm pretty sure this won't be the last. Will keep you posted, and keep up the good work!!

CwAzY (betcha wondering why CwAzY??? it's outta respect for space as he always call me CwAzY!!))
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SHG- Contradiction and Unprofessionalism rolled into one
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