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21st May and still no Rapture!!!  Good luck everyone....if the world ends...see you on the other side!  
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 what to belive???

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PostSubject: what to belive???   Thu May 28, 2009 1:49 am

in my brothers house they have a ghost.....i have never seen it or felt it...and i lived there some months some years ago (and god iam glad i dident know about it then)....they say that a man that can feel those things said it is a ghost in their stair.....he was there a few years ago in a bday party...but dident say anything then....befor my sister in law started to talk about it....that she do feel is something watching her..when she is down in the basment...someone in the stairs.....and things moves around down there...
1 neighbour of them has told them that many years ago it was a boy that lived there.......he tok his own life....can it be him???
its a bit greepy............
now they gone have a exorisme there............i hope for them it will help......
do exorisme works......or is it just that our mind plays us a trick????
do ghost and spirits exsit???
why are the reason that some souls dosent find peace???

i remember when i was 15 and i had a bf that belive in the devil...he had this black book or like he called it the black bibel....i did read the first page in it.....and lol it was a bit funny...it stod "if u have read this page...u already has 1 foot in hell"
well i dident read more ...coz things like that do scare me......i belive its more beetvin heaven and earth that we will ever know about.
and its ok that the devil take 1 foot Smile
so longe my soul goes to heaven...........
some says "if u belive in god....then u have to belive its a hell too"
it was god that said " let it be light" not the devil.......
satan...does he just exist coz we people need something evil to belive in???
coz we dont need satan to see how much evil it is in the world......
or is it just the church that wanne scare us to belive that if we dont belive in god...we will come to hell.........

or should we beliv like the indians and many others on the spirit of the naure and the spirit of the animals???
or in the old gods.......
was it a super nova that made this earth????

can we talk with the dead ???
i belive so...coz like a lot young kids i tried it........but is it good or evil???
when we tryd ....the phone started to ring every time we started.....and it was no one in the other site.....was it a warning????..no one else did know about what we wanted to try....
when some friends of my did try......the lightball did exploded.
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PostSubject: Re: what to belive???   Thu May 28, 2009 2:04 am

and what about being homo......are u 100 % homo after being married to a women in many years and have had 5 kids with her???
how is that possible???
if u are homo.....you dont turn on girls.....do u???
same for lesbians..........sounds to me that they are more bisexual......

lol! this topixs did come up yesterday when i was in my brothers bday....was kinda fun bday......kids playing outside...the elder generation did go outside (im sure they was in shock,,of all the crazy topix)

the most fun was about being a homo.....my sister in law has a friend...and her hubby just found out that he is gay....after many years married and 5 kids........then it did started to be more crazy.....some of the men startet to talk about if they got 1 million for 1 nite with a man they would do it.....just jusing some of the money on a psychologist...for the traumas...then live happy ever after.....

crazy how a conversation can turn out............

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PostSubject: Re: what to belive???   Thu May 28, 2009 3:46 am

merry christmas

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PostSubject: Re: what to belive???   Thu May 28, 2009 3:50 am

lol Elin,

Let's see here....God, ghosts, life after death, communicating with the dead, the devil, pagan religions, homosexuality and morality. Quite a few topics of conversation you raise here : )

Do I believe in the supernatural? Sure I do! God himself is supernatural. Do I believe in good and evil? Most definitely I do, although I am not sure that evil is personified in one singular devilish figure. Come to think of it, I am not even wholly convinced that good and evil are separate entities. Do I think we can communicate with the dead? Yes I do! I am convinced that we are not using our brain to its maximum capacity - I would even go so far as to say that we are shutting down certain areas of our mind as we evolve whilst expanding and exercising other areas - too much perhaps. I believe we have inbuilt receptors in our CNS to sense the spiritual world, but we are choosing to neglect them.

On the subject of homosexuality....well I am neither gay nor homophobic. Would I sleep with a man for 1 million pounds? Well I wouldn't rule it out - it seems like a relatively easy way to make a LOT of money! After all, I have abused my body in other, possibly worse, ways in the pursuit of financial security. Who knows what one would do if that proposition was ever made. Of course I would have to discuss it with my wife first Smile One thing I am sure of - I wouldn't need therapy if I made the decision freely.

Well that's my shot at offering some simplified answers to your questions Elin : )
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PostSubject: Re: what to belive???   Thu May 28, 2009 4:17 am

you people make me think and the worst its that i have started to think in english.........and sometimes i answere my kids with yes or no...insted of ja and nei Smile
i will come back..........but damn so diffecult to try to look a littel smart in english....(or innorwegian for that matter lol )
but so longe u guys know that english isent my 1 language...i thinkk u will survive with my childish typo lol!

and ty for the respond lillie and space Smile
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PostSubject: Re: what to belive???   Thu May 28, 2009 5:29 am

Sneake huggzzz sweetie, what an excellent post, I applaud you, well done.

Life after death? Me personally I do not believe in it, although to some extent I believe
In the supernatural. Reason why I say this is when I was 15 my grandmother passed away, she was my idol. Anyhow, when she passed away I never cried or anything for weeks, I guess that I could not accept she had died. One night I was fast asleep in bed, to this day I have no idea why BUT I woke up and could see her at the top of some stairs asking me to go to her, then on some occasions I felt as though she was talking to me, many people since have passed away and this has not happened to any of them.

I have questioned, whether I was just thinking about her and it was an illusion? But seeing her at the top of the stairs seemed so real, even now well over 20 years later I still think about that. Once I was in a bank armed robbery, this was just before I met my husband, I had to have counselling, I felt claustrophobic when there was a lot of people around, to some extent I do now, anyway, after a few sessions, which was sometime after the robbery, I was told to go into a bank, I froze each time, then one time I plucked up the courage and truly felt that I wasn’t alone, meaning that I felt my grandmother was with me, I really really truly believe that in times of trouble in spirit she was there for me.

Maybe the episode on the stairs was her way of letting me know that she was there for me, if and when needed? I have never even thought of that until I seen your post Sneake, for that I thank you, cause you may have solved a mystery which I couldn’t understand, but now doing your reply, I can : )

Sadly, I have not had this feeling since I have been married, whether it’s because she now knows I am safe?? No idea, I like to believe that this is the reason.

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PostSubject: Re: what to belive???   Thu May 28, 2009 9:14 am

ohhhhhhhhhhhh crazy Very Happy
i know how that feels...i lost my granny when i was 10....the best person ever....
omg i still miss her ..now after 24 years..
but....i remember i dident cry after either..maybe coz i wouldent belive that she was gone or that i had that feeling that she still was with me..
i remember in the funiral...my grandad was so hurted..he realy did love her...
and it was almost like my granny said to me..."take his hand" and the strange was that my sister felt it to..she was just 7..
we both tok his hand....and he light up (my sister and i was his only grandkids then) he got this big smile on his face.....some years after he told us..
the feeling he got there.....of being so loved.....of 2 littel girls....made he come thrue the sorrow....he felt it like we had ouer grannys love in us......
and i have heard that people can love so much....that if u lose the person that means most to u...u can die from the sorrow u feel.
and when i was around 14........when a lot bad things happend in my life..i allways felt that she was near...
i used to go to her grave.....i sat there many houers and talked with her and it was like she did answere me...
i belive in guardian angels.....i belive that some1 that meant a lot to us....do watch over us Smile

hugsssssss back crazy ............
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PostSubject: Re: what to belive???   Sat May 30, 2009 4:16 pm

Well sneakelin, a very interesting post indeed!

Personally, i know 2 people (friends of my mother) who have been predicting many things about my life,

things that have all come true...

They told my mom that i would never finish school, but that she didn't need to worry, because i would make my way in life anyway. They said this when i was six years old.

I dropped out of school 2 years from graduation.

They said i was going to work in a shop where the working space would be like a little factory, with tubes hanging from the sealing, and that i was going to work there for a long time.

This all came true, i've worked there for 8 years fulltime, and even now (five years later), i still go there almost once a week to help out if there is a lot of work.

These are just two examples of many things that were predicted for me.

Occasionally i dream stuff that comes true, in fact , i had a dream last night, crashing my wife's motorcycle.

I REALLY hope this one doesn't come true Laughing , it was very realistic, the scraping noise on the tarmac, the damage, the pain....

Many years ago i also experimented with a pendulum. My wife was about to take admittance-tests to join the police,
so i asked my pendulum: will she join the police, the answer i got was 'yes'.
Then i asked: so she'll work wearing a uniform (just to be sure)? The answer was 'no'.
I repeated these questions a few times over, always the same answers...

So i thought ok, i must really suck at this, because in Belgium every policeman has to work in uniform the first few years, unless you have had higher education and you can join the police as an officer, which was not the case for my wife.

The admittance-tests went really well, except for the fysical part, it was a close call but she didn't make it.
So i thought i had it all wrong with the pendulum.

A few months later she did join the police, as a civilian, working in the police-administration...no uniform required.

Whether it's dreams, or tarrot-cards or pendulums, the information always comes from spirits, the 2 people i talked about told me this, they also said that there are different layers of entities and that information from the lower layers is not always reliable. Some fortune tellers can only reach the lower layers and because of that they can only provide partial or vague information.

Can a deceased person that was close to you stay with you? I believe they can, but i also believe this isn't always for the better, as they can influence your decisions in a negative manner and even hold you back in life.
20 years ago, i met a man who claimed he could see these spirits, he said they sit on your shoulder.
He was able to give a detailed description of the person that was with you, if there was one. Very creepy.
If you wanted them to leave you he made them go away.
He said that for many people this was a relief, and that their life got better afterwards.

I have a test for everyone who is interested in this: hold the palms of your hands close to the sides of your neck and concentrate on what you feel in your palms. If you feel a cold draft on one side of your neck please let me know.

Can a man turn gay after years of being straight?

In my opinion: nope, i have to agree with Lillie, a gay person is born gay.
There can be many reasons for surpressing this for a long time.
Parents, friends, guilt...

Would i have sex with a gay for money?
Hmmmm, we would have to be talking about the never-having-to-work-again-for-the-rest-of-my-life-and-being-able-to-buy-my-own-island-kinda money.
It would also depend on what exactly i'd have to do Laughing
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PostSubject: Re: what to belive???   Sun May 31, 2009 3:10 am

hmmmmmm do i believe in ghosts oh boy yeah. when i was growing up i had an old woman sat in corner of my bedroom playingmy organ my parents had bought me one year for christmas that woman was never there till that was bought.i also used to hear ppl talking on the stairs . i also have a sixth sense which scares the holy crap out of me. as a teen i was in army cadets and was away at camp. this day i got a nasty feeling that something was wrong at home. i called my mum and asked if everything was ok she told me it was but still that feeling was there well that day 2 of my cousins where slashed across face and head at a football match.and when i was 12 yrs old my nannas/ best friend died of cancer my parents got called away on the morning it happened and i was left at home. ( parents didnt think it was a place for a child to be)i knew the exact min she died as something inside of me became empty . i once when and saw one them fortune telling ppl and they also told me things NO ONE knew about me and also that i have the sixth sense and block it told them to right i do cause the thought of speak to dead ppl and such scares the living day lights out ov me.even tho i try and ignore this feeling it is still there .
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PostSubject: Re: what to belive???   Sun May 31, 2009 7:09 am

Nicky....there was some old woman in the corner of your room playing with your organ?

Honey...I'm worried - what exactly is it that you are remembering here?
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PostSubject: Re: what to belive???   Sun May 31, 2009 9:24 am

i dont know what u are trying to imply space but as i said there was an old woman playing my organ. u know organ keyboard type ov thing but it wasnt a keyboard it was a orange and white organ
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PostSubject: Re: what to belive???   Sun May 31, 2009 12:26 pm

Elinches ,
me personally doesnt believe in any ghost ,talking with deads and etc ..
About gays ...well .... i dont think i have to say my opinion ...
One day will tell u in private Elicnhess : ))))
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PostSubject: Re: what to belive???   Mon Jun 01, 2009 4:18 am

TY all for your respond Smile
i love to read all the post.................................
seems like most of us have experienced things it isent easy to explain......

pls keep on posting..........this is great to read about....

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PostSubject: Re: what to belive???   Tue Jun 02, 2009 4:10 am

maggie Smile i do think i know what u think about guy people....and every1 is allowed to think and feel
what they do about things....

many years ago i was in oslo (norways biggest town)...my friend and i was out party..and had plans to go from pub to pub..
well we come to 1 pub......early so it was not many there....we started to talk with the owner (he was from nederland btw Smile )
very nice and cool man...that happend to be gay....we talked for houers with him....then it started to come others ppl in....the pub we was on did lay
straight beside the biggest gaybar in norway (the black widow) so when men had found other men..they come to the pub we was in.....
damn so many hansome and sexy men......but all was gay:(......
watching them making out...touching eithother made me wanne puke...it was diiscusting to watch.....BUT....that was my problem....not thems...
gay ppl is humans to.....and so longe i dont have to watch them......i dont mind at all.....
i think like lillie and thomas.....they are borned with it...nothing they chose to be.........
but i think also.....that for some.....if it scars them to find out that they are gay.....thay can hide it in their mind....and try to act normal......
but hiding things and feelings for u self in your mind...is silly....it allways come back and hunt you...
and when they feel safe on them self.....they can admit...........

lol! and for 1 million dollar....well.....i dont think i would have any troubel of being gay for 1 nite either..................

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PostSubject: Re: what to belive???   Tue Jun 02, 2009 4:34 am

i do belive in ghost/spirits......
i belive in a life after dead....
i belive is more betvin heaven and earth that we will ever know about....
but i dont belive in hell........i belive its us human that creates it....with hate...jealousy...greed..

i belive that some people can see the past and the future.......

i belive in god......a nice and forgiving god....and in the spirit of the nature Smile
(maybe i am borned in to the wrong century...i should be a hippi lol Smile
my oldest son did chose to sign out of the norwegian church when he was 15......coz he dont belive....
for me it was ok......i could say no...and let him wait till he was 18....but why???
he was old enough to deside him self....and i dont think he will come to hell (he says he wont mind...coz its not cold there Smile )
god have a place for every1................

iam lucky to have the opportunity to have a open mind and chose to belive that i find is more right......
is not all that can do that................i am sure i would be killed if i was borned in a another country ..an another belive...there the stat and the family desids what u shall and shall not belive..........and worse if u are a girl.........

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what to belive???
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