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21st May and still no Rapture!!!  Good luck everyone....if the world ends...see you on the other side!  
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 Do you believe in Fate?

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PostSubject: Do you believe in Fate?   Thu May 28, 2009 8:05 am

I am a great believer of fate, things happen for a reason whether it be good or bad, but they do happen for a reason. I will tell you a story why I believe this, some may already know it.

Years ago I was in a state of despair, didn’t know what to do with myself, bored with my job, bored with the endless boyfriends which never worked out for one reason or other. Anyway, one night I thought to myself, things have to change, and there is only me who can change it, I was 29 living with my parents, working hard and what did I have to show for it??? Absolutely nothing! I got to the point of thinking “is there something wrong with me? What on earth am I doing wrong?” my so called friends then, didn’t want to help nor want to know thinking back, to them I was good old ange who was there when needed.

I decided there and then something has to change but what? I picked up the evening paper started hunting through the job sections, as I thought it was my job I needed to change, so I kept looking through like you do, got to the end of the job sections (seen nothing of interest) but carried on reading the paper, for all who know me, know I don’t read the papers, so I continued on through each page until I seen “lonely hearts column”, never in my life have I ever looked at these pages in any papers, scanned the lonely hearts column and there was two guys within my age group and within my area looking for companionship. Well, I thought to myself, why not? Something told me to look at the paper tonight, so I called these two guys, my parents sigh, was not impressed, infact they thought I was being stupid, nontheless, something was telling me to do this so I did, I called them both.

One called me back the following day, his name was Simon, we arranged to meet in my local pub that weekend and we never looked back almost ten years on, now we are happily married : ).

I can kinda understand why my parents didn’t approve, but we have to go through life and take chances, then learn by our own mistakes, if there was any mistake to be learnt. For me it happened to be the best thing I did “fate”!!!!... I know only too well there are idiots out there, which I believe was my parents concern, at first they did not take to si, I guess “looking out for their little girl”, but if any mistakes were to happen they would be MY mistakes and not anyone elses. Eventually they could see we were good for each other and then approved of our relationship.

Everything about how we met was fate, I was destined to look at the papers that night, Si was destined to put an advert in the paper, I daren’t think where I would be now if I hadn’t. There are a lot of coincidences with us, such as both our parents were married on the same day, same year and even on the same road, albeit not the same church lol, our first flat we lived in, the street was the same name as the road which si’s parents lived on.

Fair enough, things were rocky at first, we wasn’t left to our own devices, we both knew it was what we wanted and decided that same year to move in together, that was the only way we were going to make our relationship work, again fate, cause it was the right move, everything we have done has been the right move.

It took a long time for me to say how me and si actually met, I used to say in the pub (which wasn't untrue), then got to thinking no i will tell exactly how we met, there is NO shame in fate.

This is a true act of fate absolutely everything that happened was meant to happen. cheers

So yup I am a great believer of fate are you?


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PostSubject: Re: Do you believe in Fate?   Thu May 28, 2009 9:25 am

hi crazy Smile
i do belive in fate too....
everything in your life happens for a reason...like u said bad or good....

hugss from elin
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Do you believe in Fate?
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