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 Again Abuse of Power

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PostSubject: Again Abuse of Power   Again Abuse of Power EmptySat Mar 21, 2009 10:43 am

Again Abuse of Power

As many already know and due to reasons totally out of our control, we have had to move our ladder, which will be at WGC once they have the bots ready.

I was given a log of what a select few were saying about the ladder in the SHG Reef Lobby, please bare in mind only one log, I’m pretty sure there are more. I felt that by what was said with regards to the ladder I could not let it go without saying something, a lot of work goes into the ladder and a lot of time, which as it looks was not appreciated. Also as many know, it’s not often I speak up, I suppose you can safely say ”I sit on the fence”. Seems some think it was done out of spite towards the members, I say that because not one has sent in an email asking why? And with this together with what was said I came up with that no one appreciated the hard work that was put into the ladder and the hours. Most of you know why we moved the ladder it was due to the abuse of power, incompetence, and the unfair treatment mainly Lillie was getting, if you read her posts you will see, wasn’t a few days go by that something was said to her, and threats so on and so on.. Like I said most already know this... So with this in hand I entered SHG Reef Lobby... below is the chat...
[11:04] CrAzY Enters
[11:04] Ketch Exits
[11:04] CrAzY> Well Then!
[11:05] CrAzY> ohhhh
[11:05] CrAzY> Interested in competitive play?
[11:05] CrAzY> Join the 1x1 Ladder: http://www.myleague.com/colladderal/
[11:05] CrAzY> Games are played in the ladder room: Colladderal Damage 1x1
[11:05] CrAzY> If you have any questions, just contact me
[11:05] CrAzY> oops
[11:05] CrAzY> guess nothing to say now i'm here?
[11:08] CrAzY> okies.. guess not... for all information and im pretty much sure many already looked on our colladderal site. which btw has not closed, just moved.. and me & lillie taking a "well earned break"
[11:08] CrAzY> you will see there EXACTLY why we have moved it.. was totally nothing to do with any members
[11:09] Ms_Wrong Enters
[11:09] Grrrrrrregorius> crazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy
[11:10] CrAzY> hi grrrrrrrr
[11:10] Grrrrrrregorius>
[11:10] foxy_vol Enters
[11:11] Outcard> hi crazy : )
[11:11] CrAzY> it's not our fault safe harbor crew are lame... many dont know what went on behind closed doors so to speak.. so IF anyone has ANY questions.. you know where we are!!
[11:11] CrAzY> hi out
[11:11] CrAzY> and...
[11:11] CrAzY> << not a follower
[11:11] El_Mex> hi Grrrrrrregorius==============
[11:11] Grrrrrrregorius>
[11:11] CrAzY> << just knows difference between right and wrong!
[11:11] CrAzY Exits

As you can see I did not cuss, I did not abuse anyone, I merely was answering all the questions that were flying about regarding the ladder. Yet, yep you got it, where I exited I was banned. Totally dumfounded I sent an email in to Safe Harbor Games as I did not receive any reason and indication infact received nothing.

Email I sent..

Well, you have managed to yet do it again.

I'm pretty much sickened to have received logs clearly inciting, yet when one goes to honour ones good name SHG takes it upon themselves to yet again gag/ban whichever you want to use and again give no reason for this, no email, no nothing. And people wonder why our ladder has been moved?

Reply i received back..

Your banned for trashing SHG on your web site and in our lobby.

Clearly you knew the reason for the ban as you stated in the wgc lobby "I guess I was banned for trashing the site. " I would say you were correct in your assessment. Why would you want to come back to a site you don't like? BTW logs travel back and forth from site to site. Which again should be no surprise to you.


I also questioned how a player/chatter mentioned another gaming site, which is against their rules, without any punishment. As this is irrelevant to this matter I did not include it.

The above where it says “I guess I was banned for trashing the site”... in WGC lobby (this shows that a member of crew from Safe Harbor hides in World Gaming Centre), sadly for them though I did not say that in WGC lobby, which since I have sent another email to SHG asking them to show me where I said it.

The other email i sent..

Show me where in WGC i as you put it stated in the wgc lobby "I guess I was banned for trashing the site. "

I then did the same chat as above where i entered Reef Lobby

NOT at one point i trashed SHG ... CREW yes SHG it self no.. whereas i do have logs of pm's where "crew" trashed players

contradiction don't you think

And yes you have guessed NO reply, nor a reply to the follow up I sent to this one.

Fair or Unjustly done?

Your thoughts will be appreciated.

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Again Abuse of Power Empty
PostSubject: Re: Again Abuse of Power   Again Abuse of Power EmptySat Mar 21, 2009 10:48 am

I am so sorry that you have been treated like this : (

After all, you and your friends put so much hard work into making the ladder a success. It is a shame that your work was not valued, but you aren't even awarded the respect that general members can expect. Poor show Safe Harbor Games....poor show : (
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Again Abuse of Power
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