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21st May and still no Rapture!!!  Good luck everyone....if the world ends...see you on the other side!  
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 Loyalty 2 or Honesty 1 or Being civil?

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PostSubject: Loyalty 2 or Honesty 1 or Being civil?   Thu Jul 30, 2009 3:36 am

I didnt intend to post or/and reply anymore here, but this morning I wrote a reply to somebody and I think that email I sent could be an answer to my failure in helping the Hearts room at WGC.
No, I wont be "against" you. It doesnt matter on which site you play, for me its important what kind of person you are. Of course I am upset because I couldnt keep you all here, of course I am disappointed that things I said to a few people got told to others, of course I was almost hurt when one of the people I know from hearts called me (under the protection of a hider nick): "ugly crippled cow". I wish you all good luck.
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PostSubject: Re: Loyalty 2 or Honesty 1 or Being civil?   Thu Jul 30, 2009 10:49 am


I find it disgusting and deplorable that you have been called such unkind names.

It's not that I do not ridicule people for some reason or another....it is that someone feels that they have to hide from you in order to do it.

I know you will have taken this insult in the correct way...recognising it as a desperate act by a true coward.

I have never seen you attack anyone or call them unkind names...it seems rather foolish in this context that the coward, who dare not show his/her face, feels it necessary to hurl stones at you. I hope you will rest easy knowing that this person has a crippled self esteem from which they will probably never recover. However, I know you won't wish that on anyone - so please allow ME to wish it on your behalf : )
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Loyalty 2 or Honesty 1 or Being civil?
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