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 SHG make a U-Turn and eat some humble pie!

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SHG make a U-Turn and eat some humble pie! Empty
PostSubject: SHG make a U-Turn and eat some humble pie!   SHG make a U-Turn and eat some humble pie! EmptyFri Jul 31, 2009 8:07 am

I am amused to see that Safe Harbor Games have seen the error of their ways. They have decided to take back a member that they previously banned in order to re-establish a ladder room that they (SHG) managed to destroy with their own incompetence and hunger to show they wield some power in a sparsely populated internet gaming room.

Allow me to give a potted history of events for those who may be confused.

Earlier this year SHG banned all the admin staff of their ladder room from the site. These bans were permanent ones, and SHG staff declared openly that these people were not welcome back. They did this because a few members of SHG made various disruptive attacks on the ladder room and its admin, as has been previously documented in this forum. Na Nashi and Heartssss systematically destroyed the ladder room through planned disruption and terror tactics, whilst securing the support and consent of Harbor Helper for their activities.

Now...a few months in...and in response to posts that I have made on this forum...SHG have reviewed the situation and realised that Na Nashi and Heartssss were not acting in the interests of their site. They have realised that these two individuals had only destruction in mind. SHG have found that by banning their ladder admin staff they also lost the ladder room entirely. They discovered that NOBODY else was interested in running a ladder room because of the work that is involved therein. In short, SHG realised that they had shot themselves in the foot.

Having realised this...SHG have now taken back one of the previous admin staff to run a ladder room again. The other two members declined SHG's advances because they have pride in themselves and stand by their principles.

This is a dramatic U-Turn by SHG. The strategy only worked because one of the previous admin staff accepted SHG's offer of amnesty. I make no judgment about the person who has done this - each person has to live with their own conscience and I am sure she had good reasons for this betrayal of her principles. The fact that I personally would prefer to eat excrement and die before I would go crawling back to that nest of retards - if they had treated me the way they have treated her - has nothing whatsoever to do with this situation and should not be considered relevant.

The relevant part of this discussion is that SHG have realised the error of their ways. Since this forum succeeds in influencing SHG's decision making processes - I would like to ask them directly: what about Nashi, Heartssss and Harbor Helper? Will these three be held accountable for their past actions? I would suggest that a relatively long ban would be a just punishment for their destructive actions. In Harbor Helper's case, I would suggest instant dismissal without benefits. Meanwhile...as SHG ponder this suggestion...I would also like to offer them some salt and pepper to enhance the flavour of the huge slice of humble pie that they are in the process of consuming : )
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SHG make a U-Turn and eat some humble pie! Empty
PostSubject: Re: SHG make a U-Turn and eat some humble pie!   SHG make a U-Turn and eat some humble pie! EmptyFri Jul 31, 2009 2:14 pm

I am still sprechless!!!!

Lets see.... can we all agree that absolut every person make mistakes in the life ??
Ok, ok some more then other .......
That HH has banned us as host for life cause she hasnt understand that her ladder nothing is without us ,,that was a big mistake of her..
That she banned Space who has bring the fun in the room was a big mistake too of her.
That HH thought her heartsroom get peace if we are not more there, and that then the room get filled with more people like heartsssss and co....that was a very big mistake of her also..
But like i said ....all make little and big mistakes in the life ...So we should forgive HH ...then she was clueless and hasnt know it better.
My mistake was to think that the host who now works again for HH isnt that stupid at all!
This Host who got the shg ladder back does realy think that something has change there??? This host who has crying about the way who HH has talk to her without end and that HH has no competion has a hope ??
This host has begg to get the ladder back for the people who has laugh the ass of over her ? She will now work for the player who has make a website and where zackly these people has put her pics in ??? This host who has got all my help that this site got closed thinks for real that there is in the heartsplayerworld is only 1 person who would respect her as player, as friend, as leader ????
Has this host any idea what for a big mistakes she has make with going back and to work for SHG ??? To play there again would the mostly accept but to run against all her own moral ?????
This host get my whole, whole good wishes to get fun with the people who has bring her in the big trouble.. ...
This host will make more mistakes with thinking that seriuos player would like these pics and this host will prolly soon check that not these pics has make her to the biggest clown in the heartsworld ,,,it is the fact that she now is the biggest HH sucker on earth!!!

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SHG make a U-Turn and eat some humble pie!
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