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 Despicable Behavior From Despicable People

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PostSubject: Despicable Behavior From Despicable People   Tue Aug 24, 2010 4:08 am

I am sure the bells will be ringing loud and clear for the main culprits.

I'm very disturbed that the recent trends of tolerance for everything, no matter how offensive, and I've even found myself becoming too tolerant. I must remind myself that intolerance is a good thing, a crucial mechanism for teaching social norms and mores. I've seen the error of my ways and I'm working very hard to become more intolerant of those who deserve my contempt.

Some people use gossip with intended malice to harm others. This is a most despicable behavior that is never justified.

I believe that these people don't have a life.. they don't think much of themselves.. It means to me, that they are frustrated with their own lives, are definitely not happy at all...and mostly, they feel some level of envy towards the person they are gossiping. Something bothers them about the life of the other person, so they are constantly banging against them with lies, gossip, and other stuff to see if somehow, they can lower their popularity or goodness.. and maybe add something to theirs..

It can make them the center of attention. A rumor or piece of gossip is sometimes like money; telling it to people is like buying their attention, if only for a few minutes. They might even save up a really scandalous rumor, waiting for the right moment to blab so they get the maximum amount of attention for it.

Maybe a reason why people say they spread rumors could be a period where everyone is happy and getting along just seems kind of…dull. Spreading juicy gossip might shake things up a bit, or get two people to start a fight, and that would make life a little more exciting.

It is very difficult to answer, since every case must be different. But I believe this sums the general aspect of gossip.. First, they are not happy, second, they don't have much to do with their lives, so they turn to watch other peoples lives.. Mostly, they envy some part or the entire life of that person they are criticizing. What we need to do is simply ignore them and keep on moving with our lives.. We will always find people with low self esteems in our paths, and we are not responsible for their situation, or how they choose to feel and act about their situation. So it would be a waste of time to even confront them or ask what their problem is, because they won't know the answer.. They are the problem and we already know it.. So lets keep on with our happy lives, and let others choose their paths and life.

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PostSubject: Re: Despicable Behavior From Despicable People   Wed Aug 25, 2010 4:33 am

I hear what you are saying meety : )

My personal philosophy on this is simple. I enjoy the rumourmonger mentality - it keeps me entertained. I take great pleasure, as you know, in playing with rumours and manipulating them to my advantage. Rumour and gossip have always been and always will be a part of the human psyche - an inherent part of the human condition. There is no stopping it. Tabloids, newspapers and magazines are sold by the million - they are filled with rumour, gossip, anticipated news and idle speculation. It's the way it is!

One way to look at it is to say: 'There is no such thing as bad publicity'. If in your post you are referring to people who make stuff up about you, then consider it a mark of respect that they cannot stop thinking about you. Surely, in this world everyone wants to mark their existence in some way? Other people talking about you is not really that bad - it reminds you that you are here - that you exist. Oscar Wilde said: 'There is only one thing worse than people talking about you, and that is people NOT talking about you.' There is great wisdom in those words.

Finally, think of it like this Meety....the more outlandish the rumour about you - the more fun it is. I remember the good old days when people online knew so little about each other they had to make stuff up. I spent about a year online being Chinese - which was most amusing. People making stuff up about you really isn't that bad...unless of course you really care that deeply about their good opinion. I know I don't - all I am after is entertainment at their expense. In the final analysis, you may well be right - rumourmongers may well be no-lifers, but we would all be bored without them.

Talking of rumours...is it true that a recent archeological excavation of Stonehenge revealed that Gamesfang had been there during its construction - helping out with the lifting of stones? I would be grateful if someone could confirm this information that I recently received.
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Despicable Behavior From Despicable People
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