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21st May and still no Rapture!!!  Good luck everyone....if the world ends...see you on the other side!  
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 time for new topic

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PostSubject: time for new topic    Fri Nov 12, 2010 4:03 am

G thats the last thing what i will reply to you .
This is getting like in kindergarden ,and i find it very bad cause is about killing people is not for fun .
From what i read from you i see one thing ......you think that musilms kills ,but you dont acept that your politic is o9ne of the most violent and agressive .Due to it ..so people dead but you dont care for it ..al what ya care is if people who arent musilm are dead .I dont accept violence but reading your posts you know what i see ..I see more you post more my point of view is rigth and rigth .

that is like this example : they asked Bush whats his next plan ?.he answred of course 3 rd world war .They asked him what exactly he is going to do .he replyed well of course we have to kill more possible musilms and at least one american .they asked him why americxan ,he said ..YOu see people care for one american ,but for the milion people who are in the plan for kill
I am glad that my position every day become stornger and stronger ..due exactly to people who think like you ,
I hope that one day you realised how agressive and violent is yourself ..for accepting that is ok to kill some people from different religion but not from yours .
For me people are people .if you kill one palestinian is same when somebody kill one american

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PostSubject: Re: time for new topic    Fri Nov 12, 2010 8:03 am

The MAJOR difference is this:

You are welcome to blame the US or any other country, but our killings are not done in the name of a religion.

Our killings do not target innocent people.

Without the US, there would be even more killing in the world.

1) You accept violence because your religion teaches it. You never apologize for all the thousands of people killed by muslims. Not once. Not ever. If MY religion was out killing thousands and thousands of innocent people I would be pissed. You, however, accept it. It is the way you are taught as a muslim. As a female you are taught you are inferior. Every time I post facts of muslims killing the innocent you point to the US or Isreal or some other target you feel is threatened by your religion. It is your way of life, your shitty fake god mohammed and the reason you will never understand the freedom of being a peaceloving equal in a democratic society.

2) You are completely ignorant about worldly and current events. Your posts about Bush are completely baseless. Get off the aljazerra site and read CNN or BBC. You must not talk about current events like this in real life because it would be embarrassing.

3) I am glad your position is stronger. It makes me have less empathy for muslims. The world is seeing the truth about what the koran teaches - and most importantly - how "non radicals" like yourself embrace the violence. Hopefully every muslim will kill themselves off and the world will be a better place. Call me aggressive and violent, but MY religion isn't cutting of the nose of girls, or the hands of children, or blowing up bombs to kill innocent people in markets. My religion isn't destroying schools so children can't be educated. My religious leaders are not calling for jihiad and cutting off peoples heads - yes, even in the 20th century we have muslims beheading innocent hostages. Your religious path is violence, it how mohammed became a ruler instead of a camel jockey. History doesn't lie. The facts on what muslims are doing don't lie. There is no god that would allow for these actions. There is no real religion that would allow these actions.
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PostSubject: Re: time for new topic    Fri Nov 12, 2010 7:46 pm

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time for new topic
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