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21st May and still no Rapture!!!  Good luck everyone....if the world ends...see you on the other side!  

 Space, Nashi and the Life of Brian : )

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Space, Nashi and the Life of Brian : ) Empty
PostSubject: Space, Nashi and the Life of Brian : )   Space, Nashi and the Life of Brian : ) EmptyTue Mar 31, 2009 11:10 am

Now then....

Where was I?.....Oh yes.....

It was heartwarming to see that Nashi broke his long silence today in WGC lobby. It was a shame that I didn't get to 'interact' with him. However, I suddenly noted a similarity to a scene in Monty Python's 'The Life of Brian'.

This scene is one of the funniest Python sketches...and it struck me how similar it is to what has been happening with SHG and WGC (as perceived by some people). Please note that in this sketch...the part of Space is played by Brian and the part of Nashi is played by the naked old man with the long beard. Please tell me if some of this isn't accurate after you have watched it.
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Space, Nashi and the Life of Brian : )
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